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Franck Chanda

Franck Chanda

My name is Franck Chanda an Industrial Engineer career dropout and Internet Entrepreneur with experience in Internet and Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

I decided to quit my Industrial Engineering career path because traditional education is dead. It only trains you to become an employee working for others for life and live paycheck to paycheck.

After years of patience, research, testing, and hard work, I have discovered an Online Entrepreneurs Community that teach and show strategy most big companies use to build wealth with the internet. That what I want to teach you in My 7 Day Email Course and Introduce you to our community.

Uber also using the same strategy and made $11,14 billion in 2020. I have more than 250 students worldwide following the same strategy that I am showing in my course and live the laptop lifestyle. Sign up for My FREE 7 Day Email Course and escape the employment slavery.

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