4 Corners Alliance Group Review – The Naked Truth

Is 4 Corner Alliance Group Worth It or Waste of Time?

4 Corners Alliance Group ReviewWelcome to my 4 Corners Alliance Group Review. There is a lot to tell about this company and how it operates. However, I will only tell you what you need to know before you join company and make an informed decision.

Therefore, if you have that question in your mind is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam and if it worth your time and money? Than you have come to the right place to find the truth.

Before I start diving in I would like to tell you that I am not associated with 4 Corner Alliance Group in any form and no one pays me to write this review.

All of this information you find it here is base on my personal experience and I have been online for such a long time and I know what is profitable and what is garbage.

I will show you if this business opportunity is profitable or it is garbage. Stay turned!!!

4 Corners Alliance Group Review
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The 4 Corners Alliance Group is a Multi-Level Marketing company that claims to help you generate the cash flow you need to finally achieve your financial dreams by selling their Financial Education Set and recruiting people to join the company. As a member, you will need to recruit people to join the company it is how you will make money.

You can also try to sell their Financial Education Book but It won’t bring you enough money than recruiting people if you do not like to hassle people to join the company you can try My Top Recommendation to start your online business in absolutely any niche and you do not need to recruit people to make money

What is the 4 Corners Alliance Group?

The 4 Corners Alliance Group is a Multi-Level Marketing company that was found in 2013 by David Harrison and the company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

They claim to help you generate the cash flow you need to finally achieve your financial dreams by selling their Financial Education Set and recruiting people to join the company.

How to sign up with 4 Corners Alliance Group?

To join the 4 Corners Alliance Group you will need to get an invitation from the existing member or visit www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com and click on join button it will redirect you to another page then you will need entering your sponsors’ username (referral).

There are two steps you will need to follow:

  1. You will need to pay a once-off fee of $28
  2. Use the video presentation you find on the 4 Corner Alliance Group website and share with 4 people by editing the URL with your username to get a commission when someone joins from it.

How does the 4 Corners Alliance Group Works?

You will need to watch this video to know what is the compensate plans this purely Pyramid Scheme.

This is presentation is pretty good but you will need you to use your common sense and I am not here to tell you do not join this company. I am just here to give you the information before you join them and make the informed decision. I will need to read this 4 Corners Alliance Group Review until the end

The 4 Corners Alliance Group product is Financial Education Set with a robust set of 45 books, distributed through six purchase levels.

Once you become a member all you need to do is to recruit people to join the program or selling the digital book that how you will be making money.

Otherwise, if you are looking for online opportunity to make real money doing that you like and passionate about without recruiting anyone, I will highly recommend checking My Top Recommendation where you can build your online business in absolutely any niche you like.

4 Corner Products that you will need to sell:

Product Set 1 Level 1 ($10)

Book 1: Financial Literacy – Understanding Precious Metals Investments

Bonus 1: Financial Literacy – The Essentials

Bonus 2: Financial Literacy – How To Start Your Own MLM Business

Product Set 2 Level 2 ($10)

Book 1: Binary Options and Strategies Simplified

Book 2: Bitcoin and Crypto: A Guide for the Rest of Us

Product Set 3 Level 3 ($25)

Book 1: Credit Card Debt

Book 2: Exchange Traded Funds: The Inside Story

Book 3: Economics – The truth behind the spin

Product Set 4 Level 4 ($60)

Book 1: Multiple Streams of Income

Book 2: Hedge Funds – Why Investors Love Them And Why You Should Too

Book 3: The Insiders Guide to Swing Trading

Book 4: Debt Crisis

Product Set 5 Level 5 ($150)

Book 1: Residential Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Residential Real Estate

Book 2: Commercial Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Commercial Real

Book 3: Forex Trading Series – How to Trade Forex With The Big Guys

Book 4: Forex Trading Series – Forex Trading Simplified

Book 5: Forex Trading Series – How To Trade Forex Like A Seasoned Pro

Book 6: Knowledge is Power: The Dow Theory Revealed

Book 7: Just the Facts About American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

Book 8: Secrets To Getting Traction With Momentum Trading

Product Set 6 Level 6 ($300)

Book 1: Investment Principles

Book 2: Time Value of Money

Book 3: Real Estate Investment Trust (R.E.I.T.)

Book 4: ETF Trading Series Part 1 – Knowledge Is Power

Book 6: ETF Trading Series Part 3 -Know What The Experts Know

Book 7 Options Trading – A Birds Eye View

Book 8: Options Trading – The Ins and Outs of Options Trading

Book 9: Options Trading – The Options Trading Deep Dive

Book 10: Forex Trading Series – Thriving in the Forex Marketplace

Book 11: Forex Trading Series – Advanced Forex Techniques

Book 12: Forex Trading Series – The Ultimate Forex Trading Resource

Book 13: Bond Investing Secrets Part 1

Book 14: Bond Investing Secrets Part 2

Book 15: Bond Investing Secrets Part 3

Book 16: Elliot Wave Theory Demystified: Practitioners Tell All

Book 18: Mature Investor Series – Dividend GoldMineook 17: Mature Investor Series – Change Your Investments

Book 19: Mature Investor Series – Real Estate

Book 20: Critical Tips for Investing in the Healthcare Insurance Sector

Book 21: Fundamentals of Investing in the Lucrative Healthcare Industry

Book 22: How to Start Investing in Many of the 16 Healthcare Sectors

Book 23: Fundamentals of Investing in the Consumer Discretionary Sector

Book 24: The Consumer Discretionary Sector – Addressing the Impacts of Investing

Book 25: How to Invest in Consumer Discretionary Sector Companies

Book 26: Fundamentals of Investing in the Basic Materials Sector

Book 27: Understanding the Basic Materials Sector as an Investment

Book 28: The Basic Materials Sector as an Investment – Advanced Methodologies

This book are downloadable in PDF format this will be a hard task to do nowadays no one is interested in reading a book, technology has changed many things and there is a kindle e-book where people read books online.

However, if you want this to work you will need to be a go-getter but most the members of 4 corners Alliance are focusing on recruiting people to join the company what how the make money.

Can 4 Corners Alliance Group Make you Rich?

To be honest, all the MLM company only 1% of their members make serious money the rest make less than $50 per month or losing money.

I have reviewed other MLM company like Herbalife, Mary Kay and Amway all they have something in common.

Do not get me wrong I am not saying is impossible to make money with 4 Corner Alliance Group.

What I am just saying you will have to be a go-getter and build strong down line by recruiting other members to join the scheme.

Therefore, if you do not like the sound of it I will rather advise you to become an Affiliate Marketer this business model it has helped make people escape the rat race and have financial freedom.

If you want to know how it works please check My Top Recommendation but I have to warn you this is no Get Rich Quick Scheme or overnight success. Therefore, if you will follow all the step by step training and put your hard work you can make alot of money online.

4 Corners Alliance Group Complaint

Every company has its pros and cons we will not end this 4 Corners Alliance Group Review without showing your potential deal-breaker.

Pyramid Scheme

You can not make money by selling those books. You can only make money by recruiting people to join the company in some country pyramid scheme is illegal.

Maybe your question might be why they do not close them down. It is due to the simple reason, they are hiding by selling poor product and service that do not add value.

No PayPal Payment Method

PayPal is by far the best payment method for online business unfortunately 4 Corners Alliance Group does not have it the only method you can find is:

  • SolidTrust Pay
  • SafetyPay Bitcoin
  • SagePay – South Africa – EFT, i-pay instant EFT, cash, cards
  • SagePay – Rest of world – 3D secure card payments

If your country does not accept this payment method you are pretty much screwed.

Not BBB Accredited

If you are like me who consider the accreditation of Better Business Bureau (BBB) you will be sooner disappointed to find out that 4 Corner Alliance Group is not BBB accredited.

The company that I am referring all my audience to learn the Internet Marketing business and come an online entrepreneur (Wealthy Affiliate) is BBB accredited with A+ rating and they have been in the business for more than 14 years

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group Scam?

The internet has shown us many things and makes people do not trust what the read on the internet, luckily there are a lot of people like me who review the company and it is product and show you the alternative way get the same product a less cost or show you the better business opportunity.

Therefore, the answer the question that pop up in your mind if 4 Corners Alliance Group is a scam. No!! It is not a scam the company is very legit and it has been around since 2013.

However, do not like their business model which is MLM this business model has a high rate of failure and I would not recommend anyone to waste time and effort on this company.

I worth my time and I have been working on my website since 2018 and I am making living at the comfort of my home by following the step by step training the Wealthy Affiliate offer the fact that you are reading this 4 Corner Alliance Group Review it means their training works.

My Conclusion about 4 Corners Alliance Group Review

The 4 Corners Alliance Group is Multi-Level Marketing company and it is also a pyramid scheme because of all the focus is to recruit people to join the company. I have been online for a while and I know how this will end.

If your concern is to find out how to make money with this business model I will tell base on my experience most people who join MLM company do not make enough money and they end up losing money, those who make money are who join early and they have built their down line.

Therefore, 4 Corner Alliance Group is a legit company that does not mean I will recommend joining them, if you have read throughout my review you will understand why I do not recommend MLM Company.

I am Affiliate Marketer and website get more a thousand visits per day I can easily promote 4 Corners Alliance Group product and get money but I do not believe in Pyramid Scheme because it called “ Stealing from Paul to pay Peter” that is against my believe.

However, if you are looking for a better way to make money from the comfort of your home and the legit way I will advise you to check My Top Recommendation this business model helps me to build a revenue website and quit UberEat delivery and Live the laptop lifestyle.

Your Feedback Regarding My 4 Corners Alliance Group Review and your Experience

Please leave your comment if you are away about this business and how it operates. The most question what people want to know is the company is legit or a scam I have confirmed that but what do you think?

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