Buzzbreak App Review – Waste Of Time or Best Earning App

Buzzbreak LogoWelcome to BuzzBreak App Review, There is so many App online that promise to make money by reading new and completing small tasks online.

I have to admit that it can be a source of earning small bucks doing what you like but the big question here is it worth it to spend time on those apps?

Therefore, you are going to couple BuzzBreak Review to find out if you can invest your time reading news, watching videos and play games to make money. Yes, you can do all of those and earn points that you can redeem to cash.

If your question is Buzzbreak App worth your time or is Buzzbreak App a legit way to make money online or you are trying to find out if you can be rich and have financial freedom with Buzzbreak App you will need to pay close attention and read this review until the end to find out the truth of this App.

What is Buzzbreak App?

Buzzbreak App is App that rewards it is user by reading news from your locate popular news and you can also be rewarded by just a daily check-in on the App, Share Buzzbreak News, Completing Surveys, Watching Video ads and more.

How to signup with Buzzbreak App?

It is very simple to signup with Buzzbreak App but you will need to have a Facebook account and download the App on the GooglePlay, once you download the App you can use this code B06528656 so you can get  your first 2000 points that you can immediately redeem to PayPal.

Unfortunately, Buzzbreak does not have a desktop version you will need to have an android phone.

How does Buzzbreak App Works?

Every time you and I  watch a video, read the news or share those news on Social Media Buzzbreak will get pay and share the portion of their commission with you.

Here is how you will be earning points with Buzzbreak:

Reading News

You will just need 30 seconds to read news and claim your point each news you read you will earn 200 points which is equal to $0.002 so, do the math how many news you will need to read to reach $1.0

Watching Video Ads

You are eligible to watch after one-hour a video ad for only 20 second that will earn 2000 points which means if you spend 10 hours a day you will earn 20,000 points which are equal to $0.2

Share Buzzbreak

You can earn 1000 points in 30 seconds by share Buzzbreak in a group of 50 plus people. You will need to take screenshots to provide that you have shared the Buzzbreak to the group and upload those screenshots in the app.

Follow Buzzbreak

By following the Buzzbreak Facebook page you can earn 300 points. Take screenshots to provide that you follow the Buzzbreak Facebook page and upload those screenshots in the app.


This method can be the best way to earn more points if you have a lot of followers and friends on the social network you can earn up to 27000 points for inviting each friend.

You can earn points up to 5 Level:

  • Level 1: 27000 points per friend
  • Level 2: 3000 points per friend
  • Level 3: 33000 points per friends
  • Level 4: 36000 points per friends
  • Level 5: 45000 points per friends

Every time your friends earn 5 points, you can earn 1 point. That means if you just invite 5 friends and your friends become an active users you will earn $1 per week for doing nothing. If this sounds interesting you can use my referral code: B06528656.

Like I said you will need many followers my site receives a lot of visitors so I am cover. But do not create a gosh account or invite yourself your account will be deactivated.

Even though it takes a lot of time to make money with a referral because some of the people won’t be active users that what I prefer referring people to the product and service that pays more, this method is a called affiliate marketing you can check My Work at Home Business to see how it works.

How to Get Pay with Buzzbreak?

Once you reach your payout of 2000 points which is $0.02 you can request your payment via PayPal if you do not have one you can create your PayPal Account and it is free.

Unfortunate Buzzbreak does not have another payment method if your country does not support PayPal do not worry read through this post you will find other opportunities that have a multi-payment method that you can find in your country.

Can Buzzbreak App Make you Rich?

In my opinion, the answer is Big NO even though my blog gets a lot visitors you can not depend on Buzzbreak to pay your bills or your morgage.

Some people can join using my referral code B06528656 but not all of them will remain active users.

The more active referral you have, the more money you make but to find those active referrals it will be a hustle because most of the people think Buzzbreak is a waste for time.

But, you can also try ysense.com, timebuck.com, swagbucks.com, and paidviewpoint.com those GPT websites have different rewarding program and it is free to join but you still not going to be rich but they pay better then Buzzbreak App.

Therefore, if getting rich is your main reason you are here I will suggest you start your affiliate marketing business I got commission on those websites whenever someone joins those GPT websites through my affiliate link if this post rank high in the search engine those link can make me $15 to $30 per day the fact that you are reading this Buzzbreak App Review it means this post ranking in Google and other Search Engine.

I have more than 100 post on my site you can do the math this is called making money while you are sleeping.

However, If you are interested on this method you can start your training with Wealthy Affiliate to learn how you can build on website that will be a making money machine.

Thus, if you are reading this post it means the training work and it will work for you.

What do I Like About Buzzbreak App?

The App is user-friendly

Have you have download some App and ask who the hell designed this App? This case is a different with Buzzbreak is easy to navigate and very soon you will know what you are doing and how to earn more points.

Simple Way To Earn Online

Although more people are saying is a waste of time due to the low earnings but how much time we spend on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram browsing without getting paid?

What I do not Like About Buzzbreak App?

Payment Method

If you have been online for such a long time you will understand PayPal is the best way to get paid online but I do believe that if they add more  payment methods it will help the user to chose whatever payment method they want.

Signup with only Facebook

I know most of the people have a Facebook account but I think they should have add more way to signup with Buzzbreak at least give the user a chance to choose for 2 to 3 ways to signup with Buzzbreak.

Buzzbreak App Complaints

Buzzbreak App has a lot of positive review on the GooglePlay however they still some complaints that you need to know to decide if those complaints are your deal-breaker lets examine them here:

Technical Issue

I have found more complaints regarding the technical issue some people are complaining that theApp is not working properly when the update it. Hopefully, the supports are aware of this issue they will sort soon.

Low Earnings

I said this before and I agree to this complaint it will take you years to reach $100 and it will be hard to have active users because most of the people think spending time on Buzzbreak is complete a waste of time

Do not quiet your daily Job.

If you stop here to find out if you can quit your job and make this as primary income hold on.

The payout is very low even a part-time job won’t pay a penny if you are looking away to fire your boss you can check out My Top Recommendation I showed UberEat Delivery a middle finger with this recommendation.

Is Buzzbreak a Scam?

If you have read my Buzzbreak Review until know you will understand that Buzzbreak is not a scam and it is a legit App. They do pay the user with points that you can redeem it to cash.

But it will take you forever to earn $1 this can even take you more than a week maybe that is the only reason the payout is 2000 points which are equal to $0.02. So people wont say Buzzbreak is a scam.

Maybe you will say what is $0.02? but you spend a lot of time on Facebook, twitter, Instagram browsing without getting any penny why not switching to Buzzbreak?

But if you still think this is not for you there is also the GTP site that you can earn between $1.25 to $5 by completing surveys, watching videos or playing games.

However, if you into something serious that will help you build a stream of income at the comfort of your home you can try My Top Recommendation that helps me to quit UberEar Delivery and start my laptop lifestyle.

Therefore, you will need to invest time and effort with little at hard work you will build passive income with this business model.

What is the best way to make money online?

Yes, you stopped by this BuzzBreak App Review to find out if it was the best way to make money online, if you have read this review until here you will understand that this app won’t make you rich and it will take you a long time to make even $10 if your concern is to make a lot of cash online this will be a waste of time for you.

However, if you want to make real cash online and you are not looking for overnight success and get rich schemes you can start your Affiliate Marketing Business it is by far the best way to money online, you can make  commissions from different products and you can do it worldwide.

But, it involves some hard work and consistency to learn how it works you can start your training with Wealthy Affiliate for free 10 lessons and if you enjoy the training and you think is what you have been looking for you can upgrade to premium member it will cost you $49 per month and the package is including 50 websites and training on how to build a revenue website.

Trust me affiliate marketing is a multi-millionaire business if you master it you will build a stream of income the fact that you are reading BuzzBreak Review Wealthy Affiliate training works.

My Conclusion About Buzzbreak Reviews 

Buzzbreak can be a low earnings’ app but we spend a lot of time on the internet reading new without been rewarded this can be an alternative to what you are doing on a daily basis. If you are interested in this you can use my referral code B06528656 to earn 2000 points which is $0.02

However, if you want to earn a lot of cash and build a stream of income online Buzzbreak is not what you are looking for maybe you can check My Top Recommendation that helps me to quit Uber Eat delivery and build my online business without having to worry about time and the damn boss.

Your Feedback Regarding My Buzzbreak Reviews and What is Your Experience

Thank you for stopping by I would like to read your comment. What is your experience with Buzzbreak? How much money are you making?

Do you agree with My Buzzbreak App Review? Please shoot in the comment section it will help someone to make an informed decision.

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