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Buzzbreak Review 2020 – Waste Of Time or Best Earning App

Hey hustler and welcome to BuzzBreak Review.

Today you are going to learn in more details what is Buzzbreak and how you can make money with the app.

I have tried the app and spend hours going through the BuzzBreak rewards.

So I can give my readers an in-depth honest BuzzBreak Review if they want to download the App.

BuzzBreak App

Below is what you are going to learn in this review of BuzzBreak.

  • How the App works
  • How To Earn Daily Rewards
  • How To Use BuzzBreak Referral Code To Earning Points
  • Is BuzzBreak Legit
  • And How I Make Money Online and Quit My Job.

There are so many apps that you can use to make money by reading news and completing small tasks online.

This can be a way to earn a little cash in your free time. But the big question is it worth it to spend time on those apps?

I will answer those questions late in this review.

Therefore, if you are searching for a couple of BuzzBreak Reviews to find out if you can earn cash by:

  • Reading News
  • Watching Videos
  • Play Games
  • Or to find out if BuzzBreak is a scam app.

Then you have come to the right place. Yes, Buzzbreak is a legit app to make money online by reading news, watching video and more.

How much can you make with the app? Can you rely on Buzzbreak to pay your bills?

If those are your question then you will need to read this Bruzzbreak Review until the very end.

Therefore, if you are open-minded and you want to have your website and make money on the Internet.

You can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and build your own brand and make passive income online.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Buzzbreak?
  2. How To Signup with Buzzbreak?
  3. How does Buzzbreak Works?
  4. How to Get Pay with Buzzbreak?
  5. What do I Like About Buzzbreak App?
  6. What I do not Like About Buzzbreak App?
  7. Buzzbreak Complaints
  8. Is Buzzbreak a Scam?
  9. Can Buzzbreak Make you Rich?
  10. How Do I Make Money Online?
  11. Conclusion About Buzzbreak
  12. Feedback About Buzzbreak

What is Buzzbreak?

Buzzbreak is Application that rewards users by reading news, watching video ads and more.

BuzzBreak reward it is users with points that you can exchange into cash by:

  • Check-in on the App,
  • Share Buzzbreak News,
  • Completing Surveys,
  • Watching Video ads
  • and more.

How To SignUp with Buzzbreak?

It is very simple to signup with Buzzbreak. But you will need to have a Facebook account and download the App on the Google Play Store.

Once you download the App you can use this Bruzzbreak Referral Code B06528656 to earn your first 2000 points.

You can redeem those points to PayPal. Isn’t that amazing?

Unfortunately, Buzzbreak does not have a desktop version you can use it only on your phone.

How Does Buzzbreak Works?

BuzzBreak is a platform for advertisers who pays a small fee to increase visitor to their websites, apps or video ads.

Every time you use the app to watch videos, read the news or share the news on Social Media. Buzzbreak will share their portion of profit with you.

Below is how you will be earning points with Buzzbreak:

Reading News

You will need to read the news at least for 30 seconds and claim your point.

Each news you read you will earn 200 points which is equal to $0.002.

You can do the math how many news you will need to read to reach $1.0

Watching Video Ads

You qualify to watch every hour 20 seconds video ad and earn 2000 points.

This means if you spend 10 hours per day on the app you will earn 20,000 points which are equal to $0.2

This is not a good way to earn money online you can also try out and to earn a little bit more.

However, if you want to build a stream of income with the internet you can check out My Top Recommendation.

Share Buzzbreak App

You can earn 1000 points in 30 seconds by share Buzzbreak in a group of 50 plus people.

You will need to take a screenshot to show that you share the Buzzbreak and upload those screenshots in the app.

Follow Buzzbreak

By following the Buzzbreak Facebook page you can earn 300 points.

Take a screenshot and upload it in the app to show that you follow the Buzzbreak Facebook page.

Buzzbreak Referral

You can invite your friend and family to download the app and earn 27000 points for inviting a friend.

Thus, if you know a lot of people you can earn more than other tasks you do on the app.

You can earn points up to 5 Level with Buzzbreak:

  • Level 1: 27000 points per friend
  • Level 2: 3000 points per friend
  • Level 3: 33000 points per friends
  • Level 4: 36000 points per friends
  • Level 5: 45000 points per friends

Every time your friends earn 5 points, you can earn 1 point.

Therefore, if you invite 5 friends and your friends become active users you will earn $1 per week for doing nothing.

You can use this Buzzbreak Referral Code: B06528656 and earn 2000 points.

Like I said you will need many followers to make real money my site receives a lot of visitors.

The referral code helps me to maintain this site so you have to use it to support my website lol.

But do not create gosh accounts or invite yourself Buzzbreak will deactivate your account.

Even though it takes a lot of time to make money with a referral because some of the people won’t be active users.

That why I prefer referring people to the product and service that pays more.

You can earn more commissions by referring people to Amazon product, Clickbank and other Affiliate Networks

This method is a called affiliate marketing you can check My Work at Home Business to see how it works

How To Get Pay with Buzzbreak?

Once you reach your payout of 2000 points which is $0.02 you can request your payment via PayPal.

Therefore, if you do not have a PayPal account you will have to create one and it is free.

Unfortunate, Buzzbreak does not have another payment method. If your country does not support PayPal payment and you pretty much screwed.

You can check out and they have many payment methods.

What do I Like About Buzzbreak App?

The App is user friendly

Have you have download some App and ask who the hell designed this App?

Buzzbreak App is easy to navigate and very soon you will understand what you are doing and how to earn more points.

Simple Way To Earn Online

Although more people are saying is a waste of time due to the low earnings.

But how much can you earn spending your time on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?

What I do not Like About Buzzbreak App?

Payment Method

If you have been online for such a long time you will understand that PayPal is the best way to get paid online.

Adding more payment methods it will help users to choose their own payment method.

Signup with only Facebook

I know most of the people have a Facebook account but they should have added more way to signup with Buzzbreak.

At least give the user a chance to choose for 2 to 3 ways to signup with Buzzbreak.

Buzzbreak App Complaints

Buzzbreak has a lot of positive review on the GooglePlay Store yet, they are some complaints that you need to know.

That will help you to decide if those complaints are your deal-breaker lets examine them.

Technical Issue

I have found more complaints about the technical issue some. People are complaining that the app is not working when they update it.

Low Earnings

I said this before and I agree with this complaint it will take you years to reach $100.

It is also hard to earning cash for your referral because most of them can not be active users due to low earnings.

Do not quiet your Job.

If you stop by this Buzzbreak Review to find out if you can quit your job and make this as primary income hold on.

The payout is very low even a part-time job can pay you better than Buzzbreak.

Therefore, if you do not have time for a part-time job and you want to make money online.

Check out My Top Recommendation this program helps me to quit Uber Eats Delivery.

Is Buzzbreak a Scam?

If you have read my Buzzbreak Review until now you will understand that Buzzbreak is not a scam and it is a legit App.

They do pay their users with points that you can redeem it to cash.

But it will take you forever to earn $1 this can even take you more than a week.

That is maybe the reason their payout is 2000 points which are equal to $0.02. So, people, can cashout quick to avoid complaints and calling Buzzbreak is a scam.

You may say what is $0.02? but you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram browsing without getting any penny. Why not switch to Buzzbreak?

But if you still think this is not for you there is also the GTP site that you can earn between $1.25 to $5 by doing small tasks.

If you are into something serious that will help you build a stream of income at the comfort of your home.

you can check out My Top Recommendation this helps me to quit Uber Eats Delivery.

Therefore, it is not an overnight success. You will need to invest time and effort to build passive income with the internet.

Can Buzzbreak Make you Rich?

My answer is Big NO. Even though my Buzzbreak Review gets a lot of visitors.

You can not depend on Buzzbreak to pay your bills the earning is very low.

Some people can sign up using my Referral code B06528656 to earn 2000 points. but not all of them will be active users.

The more active users you have, the more money you make. To find those active users it will be a hustle.

You can also try and Those GPT sites have a different rewarding program and pay more than Buzzbreak.

I earn commissions on those sites whenever someone signs up with through my link.

Therefore, If this post rank in the search engine those link can make me $10 to $20 per day.

The fact that you are reading this review it means it ranks in Google and other Search Engine.

I have more than 100 posts on my website you can do the math. This is called making money while you are sleeping.

You can do it too and there is a step by step training that will teach you how to build a website and make money online.

I know most of you are looking for freebies but you need to think outbox to make money with those referral apps and GPT site.

If you are interested in having a website and make $10 to $20 per day even more.

You can start your training with Wealthy Affiliate to learn how you can build on a website that will make money. If you are reading this post it means the training work and it will work for you.

How I Make Money Online?

Yes, you stopped by this BuzzBreak Review to find out if you can make money with this app.

Therefore, if you have read throughout this review you will understand that this app won’t make you rich.

It will take you a while to make even $10 per month. If your concern is to make a lot of cash online BuzzBreak will be a waste of time.

But, if you want to make real money online, Affiliate Marketing can be what you are looking for and I make money as Affiliate Marketer.

But it is not overnight success or a Gets Rich Quick Scheme.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to money online. You can earn commissions from different products online.

You can do it worldwide the only tools you need is your computer and internet connection.

So, if you do know how it works, you can start your free 10 lessons with Wealthy Affiliate

This same training helps be to build a stream of income online and quit Uber Eats Delivery and live the laptop lifestyle.

Trust me affiliate marketing is a multi-millionaire business. If you master it you can build a 6 to 7 figure online business.

My Conclusion About Buzzbreak

BuzzBreak can be a low earnings app but we spend a lot of time on the internet reading new without getting any money.

BuzzBreak is not a scan is a very legit app and they do pay their users via PayPal

This can be an alternative to what you are doing on a daily basis. If you are like it you can use this Buzzbreak Referral code B06528656 and earn 2000 points you can exchange to PayPal.

Instead of earning small cash, you can check out My Top Recommendation and earn a lot of cash online.

This same program helps me to quit my job and build my online business without a damn boss.

Feedback About BuzzBreak 

Thank you for stopping by I would like to read your comment. What is your experience with Buzzbreak? How much money are you making? Level comment below

Do you agree with My Buzzbreak  Review? Please shoot in the comment section it will help someone to make an informed decision.

However, if you like reading this review please click the share button to share it with your friend and family.

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  • PayPal Payment
  • Daily Reward
  • Free Money


  • One Payment Method
  • Sign up Only with Facebook

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