Cashmagnet Review – Is Phone Making Money a Scam?

CashMagnet LogoWelcome to my CashMagnet  Review. Technology is growing fast and if you use it in the right way you can earn some cash with it.

Today you are going to couple for CashMagnet Review to find out if you can earn cash with your smartphone without touching it. Hell yes! You read it right

When I first hear about CashMagnet and how it works. I said CashMagnet is a scam how can you earn cash without doing anything with your phone?

However, If you install the app on your phone and you do not touch it for while you can earn some cash.

This sounds too good to be the truth and because I am an online entrepreneur I earn money for promoting a different product online.

I have made it my job to expose those online scammers who promise people to make money without doing anything.

Therefore, some apps and programs that promise people to make money without doing nothing are probably a scam.

So, I have to try  CashMagnet App to find out if it is a scam or legit app. I am just trying to help people to avoid scams online.

If your concern is to find out that CashMagnet is a scam you have come to the right place and I will tell you everything you need to know about the app and how it works.

However, if you are looking for a way to get rich with CashMagnet you will need to read this review until the end to find out what CashMagnet can offer and how you will make money. So stay tuned!

What is Cashmagnet?

Cashmagnet is an android application that you can download for free and install it on your phone.

The app allows the user to earn points that you can redeem it  to cash while you are not using your phone and the app was found in 2017 and it has 1000 plus downloads by the time of writing the review.

How to sign up with Cashmagnet?

To sign up with Cashmagnet you will need to create your account all you need is to provide your email address and create your password and then you are ready to start earning points that you can redeem to cash with the app.

How does Cashmagnet Works?

Cashmagnet is the application that you can find in Google Play Store, once you download the app on your phone it will use your phone was BOT to download and install other apps on your phone, click on the ads, banner ads and visiting other sites on your behalf that how Cashmagnet generate money and they will share their portion of the cash with you.

What you need to know is by download the Cashmagnet App you permit them to go through your phone install any app they want.

On the privacy policy, the state that they can only install the safe app and they won’t collect any information on your phone.

However, if you have a trust issue like me than it is better you do not save your banking information on your phone and other important messages.

You will be earning  points every 5 minutes that you can redeem to PayPal and 1000 points equal to $1.

Cashmagnet does not say how much you can earn in 5 minutes all depend on how long the app works and how fast is your phone.

Do you know you also make money by completing surveys online, playing games and even watch short ads on sites like ysense.com, timebucks.com, swagbucks.com, and paidviewpoints.com? You do not have to invest any cash it is free to join and start earning right away.

Cashmagnet referral Program

Cashmagnet has a referral program where you can invite your friend and family and earn a commission.

Every person you invite to Cashmagnet you will earn 5% of their earnings and when your referral invites others to join Cashmagnet you will also earn 5% of their earning for a lifetime.

Therefore, this can be a great opportunity if you know a lot of people who are interested in earning money with their phone. Even though you will need to know a lot of people to make decent money.

If you like referring people to a certain product you can check out My Work At Home Business opportunity to know how it works and many people  are making 4 to 6 figure businesses with this method.

How Much Can I Earn With Chashmagnet?

You can earn $15 per month and you can install the app on a different phone and earn more someone in the forums said he earned $60 per month by using 4 phones.

Here is what I found on the frequent question and answer you need to read it to understand how much you can earn with Cashmagnet

“Well, it actually depends on many things, namely from what country you are from, what version of Android you use, how many games you installed, how long runs CashMagnet on your phone, whether your phone is rooted or not. So, there is no universal answer.

Our best-performing users earn around $15 a month, but this is only possible if you meet all the factors mentioned above.

At the moment the maximum one can earn per phone is 500 points – this is in case the user has the phone running the app 24 / 7, the user is from the top country (USA, Canada, UK, etc) and has the rooted phone. 500 points are $0, 5 making it $15 a month.

We strive to bring more advertisers to allow us to raise this limit. Starting from the Level 3 user can install games by himself, and from Level 6 this will be happening in automatic mode.

For each game installed the user gets extra 100 points, you can install as many games as you want (even 5 a day, that will make extra 500 points). All this means that the higher level you reached the more bonus points you can get”

What do I like about CashMagnet?

Passive Income

I am sure everyone will agree with me on this. I like the idea of getting paid by doing nothing, just connect your phone to the internet and money coming in. This is a passive income.

However, you won’t make enough money to even quit your job. If you are interesting in build passive income with Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing you can start your training with Wealthy Affiliate they will teaching you how to build a revenue website that can create a stream of income.

Getting via PayPal

If you are earning money on the internet like me you will understand the struggling of getting paid with cash. Many programs pays with gift cards with Cashmagnet you can redeem your point to cash via PayPal.

What I Do Not Like About Cashmagnet?

Battery Draining

The app consumes a lot of power and this can damage your phone battery and the money you will get won’t be enough to buy another battery.

Therefore, If you like the idea of earning money through your phone without doing any tasks I will suggest buying a cheap phone for this app.

Payment takes time

Once you have requested your payment it will take a month to get your money eventually you will get your money but I think it will be much better if someone can get their money fast to increase trust.

CashMagnet Complaints

Complaints are the nature of every business even if you can give out free money people will always find something that you are not doing right.

Technical issue.

I found many complaints about the app that does not open and there is not support to respond to the issue but I realize why some people are complaining about the app.

It is because they do not meet the minimum requirement for CashMagnet to run smoothly. You will need an Android 4.4.4 or higher. The recommendation is to have at least 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

Note: There is not many complain about CashMagnet maybe is due that the app is not popular yet and some complain about the payment but it takes 30 days to get your money and people get paid with CashMagnet but if you have a complaint please leave it and it will help someone to make an informed decision.

Is Cashmagnet a Scam?

I like said before when I heard about this app It was skeptical and it sounds too good to be true until I try it out. CashMagnet is very legit and you can get paid for doing nothing just leave your phone and connect it to the internet and money is coming here.

I like the idea if you have 4 phones that you are not using you make some cash with it and someone on the forums says it managed to make $60 per month.

But, do not expect to earn the same, all depend on your location if you are from UK, USA, Canada and Australia you can expect that much.

Therefore, if you are interested in making a lot of money on the internet and you think $60 is too small for you. You can check out My Top Recommendation to learn exactly how I build my online business with Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

What is the best way to make money online?

Although you can make a passive income with CashMagnet it will take you some time to reach even $15 if you have read my review until now you have all the facts.

However, there is also some site that you can complete surveys, play games, complete offers and do small takes to earn few bucks you can check out ysense.com, paidviewpoint.com, timebucks.com, and swagbucks.com this is by far the best way to make a few bucks online without investing money.

Therefore, completing surveys, playing games, completing offers won’t make you rich and it will take you some time to reach even $15 per month. The good this is safe and those sites are scammers.

However, if you are looking at how to leverage the internet and make passive income online and have the financial freedom you can check out My Top Recommendation you can do this from anyway in the world all you need is internet connection and laptop.

My Conclusion about CashMagnet  Review

CashMagnet is an amazing app that will help you to earn a few bucks without using your smartphone and it is available on Google Play Store you can download it and try it out.

The App is using your phone like a BOT to download apps on your phone, click ads and drive traffic to advertisers by doing that CashMagnet will get paid and share his portion of the money with you.

Yes, CashMagnet does pay people via PayPal and Gift Cards but do not expect to earn a lot of money.

Therefore, if you were searching CashMagnet Review to find out if you can make a lot of money with this app sorry to disappoint you.

But, there is always an alternative to CashMagnet is called Wealthy Affiliate you can sign up for free and learn how you can build your Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing business.

This program I help me to quit Uber Eat delivery and be an online Entrepreneur if you are reading this Cashmagnet Review it means their training work and it will work for you.

Your Feedback Regarding CashMagnet Review and What is Your Experience

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoy reading my CashMagnet Review. What do you think about the app? Have you use the App before? How much money did you make?

Please share your experience in the comment section. However, if you have a batch of people who you think they might need to read this please click the social share button to share it with your friend and family.

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