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Welcome to my DoTERRA Review. Maybe you are thinking of starting your home business and you are looking at the different opportunity that you have and because of you are doing your due diligence and you stop by my DoTERRA Review

Let see if DoTERRA is the business model you are researching for and if it is what you need to get into it. Stay Tuned!


Maybe your research is to know if DoTERRA is a scam or not and what is DoTERRA Lawsuit is about.

I have done my research and I will tell you everything you need to know includind DoTeRRA Complaints before you jump in this business model

However, if you have a pretty good idea of DoTERRA business model but you are looking for to find out the legitimacy of the company and how profitable the business is I will cover that too.

But,  what you have to know for now DoTERRA was involved in a legal issue that you will need to find out to decide if this is your deal breaker or not. So stay turned

What Is DoTERRA?

DoTERRA is a Health and Wellness company that sells essential oil through it is distributor called Wellness Advocate.

It is a Multi-Level Marketing company that was found in 2008 by David Stirling and they are located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States.

The company also operate in 17 countries and they were ranked in 2018 as 15th best MLM company with 2 billion dollars in sales each year and DoTERRA has over 3 million distributors (Wellness Advocate) around the world and 1300 employees

Who Is David Stirling

David Stirling

David is businessman and he has a bachelor degree and also an MBA in business he got it at the University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business.

In 2003, he was COO and Chairman Exec Committee of Young Living another Multi-Level Marketing company.

Besides the business, David Stirling is husband and father of 9 children

How To Become a DoTerra Distributor AKA Wellness Advocate

To become a Distributor (Wellness Advocate) you will need to pay a joining fee of $35 and you will need to choose the starter package that will cost you between $275 to $2750 you can check the option below:

  • Home Essentials Kit ($275)
  • Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit ($195)
  • Family Essentials Kit ($150)
  • AromaTouch Diffused Kit ($150)
  • Natural Solutions Kit ($550)
  • Every Oil Enrollment Kit ($1950)
  • Cleanse and Restore Kit ($245)
  • Diamond Enrollment Kit ($2750)

Therefore, you can also decide to become a Wholesale Member at the same cost enjoy the 25% off Retail Price and receive 10 to 30% loyalty reward point.

The only difference that the Distributor (Wellness Advocate) have is you will have bonuses and compensation which means you will need to introduce the business to another people who are interested to become the distributor (Wellness Advocate) and you will have a personal website.

How Does DoTERRA Works?

If you know one Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company you will quickly understand all of them they work in a very similar way.

Although DoTERRA has more than 100 products that you can sell. But more people are making money by recruiting others to join the company and you will need to keep at least 125 Point Value ( PV) to qualify for bonuses.

Here is the video that explaining everything that you need to know as a DoTERRA distributor ( Wellness Advocate).

But do not get mislead you will need to come back here and read this DoTERRA Review until the end to make an informed decision and look at other alternatives way that does not need to recruit anyone to make money.

Therefore, if you watch this video you will quick understand to make money you will need to build a team which means you will need to recruit others distributor ( Wellness Advocate).

Can DoTERRA Make you Rich?

That is a good question to ask and I will try my best to answer this question to it in this DoTERRA Review.

However, I need to ask you this question what is your action plan to achieve your success? What is your Goal?

Many people are looking to escape the rat race but they do not put any effort into it but they want to be rich. OK, I get it but this is not an overnight success.

There is a possibility to become rich with DoTERRA but it is only a 1% chance the number does not lie.

According to the Fedel Trade Commission, only 1% of the people who are involved in the Multi-Level Marketing make money which means 99% make less than nothing.

This can ring a bell in your head, but you are the only one who knows yourself better maybe you can be among the 1%, who knows?

Whatever the decision you make it will be informed decision but there is another alternative where you can start your home business with less capital that does not need starter package or recruit people you will need to check out My Top Recommendation and live the laptop lifestyle

What Do I like About DoTerra

  • Training and Material:

DoTERRA provides training and a lot of material to familiarize with the business opportunity and what you need to expect as a distributor (Wellness Advocate).

There is also e-book that will help you to understand better about DoTERRA product this can help you in your marketing talking about the product that you know.

  • BBB Rating A+

If you are die-hard find about BBB this will be good news for you. DoTERRA is BBB accreditation with 41 total complaints in last 3 years and 15 complaints that were resolved in last 12 month and they have A+ Rating this can give you a motivation to join as a Distributor (Wellness Advocate).

But you will need to consider everything you read here to make an informed decision.

What I Do Not About DoTerra?


MLM is a business model and is a good business strategy for the company not for the Distributor is very hard to make money with it unless you are at the top level.

Most of the MLM Company will say you are a business partner if you pay close attention to the opportunity you are a potential client.

Why do I say so? Because you will need to keep your monthly Point Volume to qualify for commission and bonus which means you will need to consume your products to qualify for commissions and bonuses.

  • $25 Annual Fee:

Guess what? You will need to renew your membership every year and it will cost you $25 plus they are more than 3 million distributors who needs to renew the membership if you try to do the math you will understand why they are making a billion every year.

I always say this you are not only the business partner you are also potential customer to all the MLM Company.

DoTERRA Complaint

So far you have read what I like and do not like about DoTERRA that was my only opinion but it is time to read what other people are complaining about DoTERRA.

DoTERRA Lawsuit

DoTERRA received a letter from the Food and Drug Administrator this was a warning to tell the company to warn their distributor (Wellness Advocate) to avoid claiming that the essential oil can cure other diseases.

Some were claiming that the Essential Oils can cure cancer and even Ebola concerning this DoTERRA has implemented a guideline list of what you much do or not do as Distributor (Wellness Advocate) neglecting those list your membership will be terminated

Pyramid Scheme

We all know the meaning of the Pyramid Scheme you will need to recruit people to become a member of the company to make money but most of the MLM company hide it is scheme through by selling the product.

The pyramid scheme is illegal in some countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada even though the company try to hide it by selling a product the Federal Trade of Commission always investigate such MLM company Herbalife and Kyani was accused of operation as Illegally Pyramid Scheme.

If you are not interested in DoTERRA Business Model you can start your Internet Marketing Business where you do not need to harass your friend and family to join the company and most definitively you do not need to invest allot cash to product but you just need basic training to make it work and master the internet profitability, You can start your free training with Wealthy Affiliate they are by fast the best in this industry because they offer all the tools to succeed in this online business better yet you can work at the comfort of your home.

Is DoTerra a Scam?

DoTERRA makeover 2 billion in the sale every year and they are in business since 2008 with over 3 Million Distributors ( Wellness Advocate) there is can tell you that they are not a scam and you can build some trust.

However, to make money with DoTERRA can look like a scam because of what the presentation you saw and what you hear from the distributors you will soon be disappointed because is not that simple to achieve success with DoTERRA and other MLM. You will need to aggressively recruit people to join the business but do not be a starker Lol.

If you do not like anything you read here and you are looking for an away to escape the rat race I will advise you to start an Affiliate Marketing Business this business model does not need you to buy any product or put in some investment.

Therefore, if you are interested to start this journey you will need to some basic training like how to leverage the internet to make money and how to generate free traffic (Visitor) to your website and how to build a money-making website all those training you can find it at Wealthy Affiliate if you stop here reading this DoTERRA Review it means their training works.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money From Home

You can make money from home by completing surveys on site like ysense.com, timebucks.com, swagbucks.com and paidviewpoint.com but do not expect to get rich with those site.

However, if you need to build a passive income at the comfort of your home you will need to start Internet and Affiliate Marketing training with Wealthy Affiliate

Many people are making money with this business model and it is by far the best way to make money from home all you need is laptop and internet connection.

You can also try Fiverr it is platform for freelancer and you can make money by helping peoples and companies with logo, website, content, google aids and alot of more.

My Conclusion about DoTerra Review

If you read up to here you will understand that DoTERRA is not a scam and it is a very legit company that focuses on producing essential oil.

You will also understand that you can make money as a distributor (Wellness Advocate) by selling the product or recruiting others people to join DoTERRA

But to make this successful you will need to be a Go Gotter and host to many parties to present the business to the potential members.

However, if you are not interested in recruiting people you can join DoTERRA as Wholesale member and sell the product this won’t be more profitable as a distributor (Wellness Advocate) because they can sale and recruit at the same time.

Therefore, If you do not want Multi-level Marketing business model and you want to build a stream of income you might need to check up My Top Recommendation you will learn exactly how to build passive income and escape the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck.

Feedback about my DoTerra Review and your Experience

Do you have any experience with the company? Do you agree with my DoTERRA Review? Do you think MLM is the right business model for you?

Please share your thought in the comment section it will help someone to make an informed decision. If you enjoy reading this or you think someone else can benefit from it please click the social share button.

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