Is Neobux Worth it? Is Neobux Legit or Scam? The Truth of

Is Neobux worth it? Is Neobux a legit website to make money online or is Neobux a scam?

I have spent more than 30+ hours researching how people make money with

I always see those questions pop up on the internet and today I want to answer those questions so you can decide if Neobux is worth your time or you need to look for something else.

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What Is Neobux (Neobux Description)

Neobux is paid to click website that pays their user by clicking advertisements from advertisers and completing surveys from the research companies.

Actually, you can complete some mini job on the Neobux dashboard and earn some extra cash. has been around since 2008 and it is owned by a Portuguese guy name Fernando I am not really sure if it is his real name with the paid to click website it is very hard to find the true identity of the owner and most of them end up to be a scam.

Is Neobux also a scam? You will need to read until the very end to get the answer to that question.

How Does Neobux Work?

Neobux is a marketing platform for advertisers and research companies. Those companies paid Neobux a fee to place their advertisement or find people to complete surveys.

Neobux will share the portion of the fee with you every time you clicking those advertisements or taking surveys. By clicking those advertisements and watch them for a few second those advertisers are indirectly promoting the product and service to you.

I am not sure if it is a good way to do marketing. What I know people who are joining Neobux are more concerned about making money than buying.

The actual many ways you can earn with Neobux all you  need is to visit and register as a user after complete your registration process you will be able to complete some mini job and earn few bucks.

You need to put in mind that Neobux allows only one user per internet connection and one account per computer.

This means if your family join Neobux everyone has to have his own internet connection and laptop. You are not allowed to use public internet (school, work and others) your account will be blocked.

How to Earn Money Neobux?

There different ways to earn money with Neobux and all the earnings depend on the Neobux membership that you need to upgrade.

The higher the membership the more chance of making money. You can earn money by:

  • Clicking advertisement
  • Completing surveys
  • Playing games
  • Registering with different websites
  • Visiting some website for few seconds
  • Referring friends and family to join Neobux

Is Neobux Legit Or A Scam?

Although Neobux is a very low earning platform people do earn money by completing some mini job and Neobux is not a scam.

I have seen user posting some proof of payment in Neobux forums and the website I have been around for more than a decade.

This proof that Neobux is a legit paid to click website. Most paid to click website does not last long and most of them turn to be a scam.

If your question now is if Neobux is legit can I recommend it to people? My answer is no. Due to the simple reason, they have expensive membership and most of the paid to click does not have paid membership.

I will rather recommend you to join Surveytime or Timebucks if you looking for a way to make few bucks for free,

However, if you want to make serious money and you are not looking for a freebies website that pays close to nothing.

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Is Neobux worth it?

I have seen many people earn money from Neobux and a lot of users has posted the proof of payment in Neobux forums.

The big question is Neobux earning worth it? The short answer is No. The long answer is Neobux that does not pay much it is just low earning platform.

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The amount of time you spend completing those mini-jobs and what you earn is not worth your time.

You can earn with Neobux between 0.001 to 0.015 per task depending on your membership. If you are a standard user which is free you will need to click 1000 advertisements to make a dollar.

The only option to earn a bit more which I do not advise any user do is to upgrade to a very expensive membership to unlock other ways to earn like having an unlimited referral.

If you want to maximize your earnings with referrals you can simply join and and have a free unlimited referral to maximize your earnings.

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Pros and cons of Neobux


  • Extra cash

Although I am not fun of paid to click I have to admit that you earn some extra cash by completing some mini-job as a user of Neobux.

If you like this method of earning you can also join and to earn a bit more.

  • Forum

Neobux has an active forum where user can post almost anything and you will find a lot of users posting proof of payment.

You can also request help from other users and admin. This is the best way to interact with other users and learn from them.


  • Low Earning

The chance of making decent money with Neobux is very low even if you can increase your earnings with your referral.

Once your referral discovers how much time they need to put in to earn just a dollar they will quit along the way. Neobux is a very low earning platform and it will take a while just to earn a dollar.

  • Expensive Membership

Neobux has expensive membership and difficult to understand. On a platform that can pay $0.001 to $0.015 per task, I do not see the use of upgrading your membership.

The membership is more profitable to the owner than the user and the membership can cost you up to $890 per year.

Best Alternative to Neobux

I am 100% sure you are looking for a way to make money online that why you are looking for this Neobux Review.

Below is the list of website that you can join and start completing mini-jobs and the combination of those websites will help you to earn decent money.

SurveyTime$3 to $5 per
Timebucks$2 to $4 per
Ysense$2 to $3.5 per
Swagbucks$2 To $3 per
Paidviewpoint$1.5 To $3 per

But what you need to put in mind is that those websites do not pay much and you cannot rely on those websites to pay your bills.

I would rather advise you to learn the few steps to make money online from anywhere in the world using your laptop and internet connection.

Neobux owner understands the process of making money online and the build a website that helps people to make some extra income while is making passive income using their time.

You can also build your own website and make passive income from home. Do not be intimidated by the world “building website” the process is much easier and it is just a few clicks and your website will be live.

If you want to learn the process of making passive income from anywhere in the world you can check out My Top Recommendation to earn how you can have your own website and make money online.

You can build 5 to 6 figure online if you understand the process. Heck, I am not promoting an overnight success or get rich quick scheme.

You actually need to understand the process and putting some work. Always be consistent with what you do and you can live a laptop lifestyle and make money without a damn boss.

Is Neobux Legit or Scam – Final Verdict

After analyzing the Neobux website and completing my research I can confirm that Neobux is a legit website that pays user by doing some mini job like:

  • Clicking advertisement
  • Completing surveys
  • Playing games
  • Registering with different websites
  • Visiting some website for few seconds
  • Referring friends and family to join Neobux

Just because Neobux pay user to do those mini-jobs it does not mean you can make decent money with this website.

You actually need to click 1000 advertisements to make a dollar as standard. For me, Neobux is not worth it and you spend some about of time build your revenue website and make 100 times what you could earn with Neobux and Wealthy Affiliate can teach you exactly how to build your revenue website and make passive income from home.

Your own Neobux Review

Are you a Neobux user or you have been in the past? Please consider leaving your own Neobux Review whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it will help my reader to make an informed decision.

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