Is Super Affiliate System 2.0 a Scam – Finding the Truth

Once you research the term “Super Affiliate System 2.0” you will get a batch of ads, videos, and reviews from John Crestani’s student they are trying to convince you to buy the system, so it will be very hard for you to get the honest review about the system.

I am not his student but I have tested the Super Affiliate System 2.0 and attend the webinar just to get the inside of the system.

I will show you everything you need to know before you jump this training program

But you will need to read this Super Affiliate System Review with a lot of attention to get all the pros and cons.

I am very sure you want to start the affiliate marketing business or you already started.

But you are looking for a way to speed up your commission the ads from John Crestani just catch your attention and you have that question in your mind is Super Affiliate System 2.0 a scam or is John Crestani a scam?

I will definitively answer those questions and show you how you can start building a successful online business foundation with affiliate marketing and build a stream income with it. so stay tuned.

What is Super Affiliate System 2.0?

Super Affiliate is 6 weeks online step by step training that teaches how to start a successful affiliate business. 

The training is base on paid traffic John is teaching how to master Facebook Ads, Google Adword and YouTube Ads to increase traffic your sales page or landing page.

Before going deep in the paid traffic on the introduction he is showing the strategies on how to set up a successful affiliate business and how to build an entrepreneur mindset.

Mindset and traffic are very lucrative for your business the course explains everything from scratch.

But the big question is it worth it to spend $997 for the training? That what I will be discussing in this Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review

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Who is John Crestani 

The person behind Super Affiliate System (SAS) is called John Crestani is Super Affiliate and online Entrepreneur gurus he has been in this business for a very long time.

After being fired for the Job is started his online business journey by selling health product on with his long run success he decided to share what he learned with the internet and he created Internet Jetset and now Super Affiliate System.

John is 32 years old and he is from Santa Monica, California. He was featured in Home Business Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo Finances, Business Insider and Inc Magazine.

He is making 500 Million Dollars per Month. Looking at this, there is no way John Crestani could be a scam. It is just the scammy way that is using to attract new subscribers. I guess is working for him

How to sign up with Super Affiliate System 2.0?

Currently, Super Affiliate System is using an old program domain name for Internet JetSet this was another program create by John Crestani so you will need to go to is where you will register for 1 hour 30 minutes webinar that will walk you through how to create 7 figures online business with Affiliate Marketing.

To Book for the webinar, you will just need to provide your First name, Email Address and your country than wait for your next webinar.

How does Super Affiliate System Works?

Super Affiliate System has 6 weeks set up training and it has 50 hours of video training that will help you to learn new skills and build a successful business online. Let see what you will need in the 6 Weeks

Introduction & System Setup

This is will be the basis of Affiliate Marketing on how to set up your website, how to join an Affiliate Network and create a Social Network Account.

Understand the System

You will learn how to choose a profitable niche, in other words, your business interest and how to build an entrepreneur mindset. This very important if you want to succeed in any business.

Marketing Skills

You will learn some skills in online marketing. Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people business. Here you will learn more about copywriting if you must this you have a bright future in your business

Facebook & Google Ads

This is all about paid traffic in this training you will learn how to leverage the social media to drive traffic to your sale page or you’re landing page.

Native & YouTube Ads

You will learn how to set up Native ads and YouTube Ads to drive traffic. Like I said before traffic is very import for the affiliate marketing and John will show exactly how to do it and how to target your potential buyer.

Scaling and Outsourcing

This part is all about how to generate lead to different channels. You will be more involved in data analysis and research.

This is the summary of what you will need to expect on the 6 weeks training. The training is very detailed and it has more to offer for you to start your Affiliate Marketing Business. However, I am more concerned about the price.

The $997 is way too much for an online course and this is not low budget friend which means no everyone can afford it, plus there is too much upsell and hidden cost.

Online education becomes cheaper due to accessibility that the internet offers Wealthy Affiliate offers the same program at the affordable cost.

Therefore, if you ask me for my option between Super Affiliate System (SAS) and Wealthy Affiliate (WA) I will say WA is way better than SAS because they training is base on the free traffic and it is very affordable no hidden cost, no upsell and they provide you with all the tools you need to start your affiliate marketing including keyword tools (Jaaxy), Web Hosting (siteRibux), fast web speed ( Help your site to rank high in the search engine) and 24/7 support.

Because the training is base on the free traffic, it will need you some hard work to scale up your business and if money is not the issue and you do not mind to pay up the hidden cost and the upsell you can go for Super Affiliate System just book for your Free Webinar Here

But, my advice will be start the training with Wealthy Affiliate because they have all the tools you need once the business is bringing enough money and it becomes more profitable you can signup with SAS just to learn the paid traffic method.

Can Super Affiliate System 2.0 Make you Rich?

Before I answer this question you will have to know Affiliate Marketing is Multi-Millionaire Business because you are not dealing with one location or one country you are promoting the product worldwide.

There are over 5 million products and services online and 4 billion potential customers online if you just need to find your target market and money rolling in.

To answer this question about being rich. Yes you can be very RICH with Affiliate Marketing but it is not overnight success or Get Rich Scheme you will need to master the training that Super Affiliate System is giving and put more effort into it.

If you want to know how people are making money with Affiliate Marketing and you are on the low budget you check you My Top Recommendation

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Complaint

I always think is a good idea to know what you are signing up for and what other members are saying about the program. Some program does not reveal everything and until you become a member. Let find out what is your deal-breaker in SAS

No Low Budget Friendly

We all looking for money and the internet becomes the most profitable tools and it has opened many opportunities. Ordinary people become millionaire and businesses make millions with the internet.

If you do not have enough budget for SAS you will get dry along way do not signup if you do not have the budget you better start your training with Wealthy Affiliate they are low budget-friendly.

Too Much UpSelling

This becomes a symptom for the most online program that why most of the people do not trust everything on the internet and it becomes even harder for other ethical training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate.

Some online training or program they do not see you as a student who is trying to build a business. Once you signup they see you as a potential customer they will hit you with more upsell after another.

Hidden Cost

To start and Affiliate Marketing Business is very straight forward but to make it profitable is the hard part of the business that why you will need proper tools to scale up your business.

Therefore, Super Affiliate System does not provide you with any of those tools. Such as web hosting (SiteRubix), Keyword Tool (Best Keyword Jaaxy) and Autoresponder (Aweber) this will be an additional cost to the system.

Is Super Affiliate System 2.0 a Scam?

Super Affiliate System is not a scam the training can help you a lot to understand the Affiliate Marketing Industry and build a stream income with Affiliate Marketing better yet you are learning from the best.

John Crestani who is successful Online Entrepreneur who started selling health Product from its first website he has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Home Business Magazine, Business Insider and Inc Magazine where is explained his success story.

Therefore, If you decide to join Super Affiliate System you will learn all the technics and strategies to succeed with the business.

But I do not like his salesy and scammy approach there is no way as a beginner you will make a sale in 2 hours. That is completely Impossible….

My Conclusion about Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review

The Super Affiliate System can scale up your Affiliate Business as Affiliate Marketer you will need traffic if you master all 6 weeks training and go through all 50 video training your chance to succeed is high.

Another part of the training I like the most is the Entrepreneur Mindset that John Crestani teach in week 2 this very important to succeed in every business. You can book for the Free webinar here to get all the idea of the training

However, I found the training a bit expensive $997 is way too much for online training and there is also too much upsell and hidden cost. You will end up spending more than you expected for the training.

I enjoy the program but it does not provide any tools that you need as Affiliate Marketer, you will need Support, Keyword Tool, Web Hosting and other more Tools to succeed online but what you will find in the Super Affiliate System is link to other material you need with John Crestani link to increase his earnings if you buy from it.

Therefore, if you ask for my option John Crestani did not work extra hard to give the best of his training as a Wealthy Affiliate does. This is another Affiliate Training Platform where you can find all in one. Support 24/7, Web Hosting, Keyword Tool, Faster Speed Website and all the training is base on Free Training.

This very important to build a long term business online and there is no upsell, no hidden cost and Start Member is Free and Premium Member is $49 per months.

Your Feedback Regarding My Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review and your Experience

What do you think about Super Affiliate System? What is your success story? Would you recommend it to people? Do you agree with my Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review? What do you think about John Crestani? Please leave your comment below it will help people to make informed decision.

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