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Welcome to my Rich Dad Poor Dad Review. Thank you for stoping by. Before I start diving in please grab a cup of coffee and per more attention to every word you will read here.

However, if you are looking to find out that Is rich Dad Poor a Scam? By the end of this review, you will know that you have been scam your entire life.

Is it Rich Dad Poor Dad a Scam

You have heard about this great book by Robert Kiyosaki but you have not yet get your copy and you are wondering what is this book all about? Does it add value to your life?

What is the book cover? You have come to the right place to know the inside of the book.

However, I am going to talk about the book in a different way that will blow your mind. You will need to read this topic until the end this a financial changing game and what people think about the education system.

Therefore, you want to find out if Rich Dad Poor Dad is a Scam I will answer also this question later in this review.

First this you will need to know who is the other of the book and he is background but this guy is very popular on the internet.

However, if you do not know him I will give you a brief review about him and you will understand why you need to buy this book.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

Robert Toru Kiyosaki is originally from Japan he was born in Hilo, Hawaii on the 8th April 1947 is American businessman and dropped out student a University of Hawaii.

Robert Kiyosaki is also an author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and He the author of more than 26 books.

The Rich Dad Book was sold over 27 million copies around the world in 51 different languages.

Robert Kiyosaki Focus is teaching other people financial education how to generate passive income by investing in real estate investments, businesses, stocks and commodities, to be able to support oneself and achieve true financial independence.

What is Rich Dad Poor Dad?

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that educating people on how to build an asset. It focuses on Real Estate Investment and the importance of Financial Education and Independence.

The book has a lot of value but does not show you how to start your investment or become an entrepreneur it just opens your mind to think in different ways about what we have been taught at school and to our parents.

However, the book also has been criticized by many authors other say it is the dumbest financial advice books. It contains many factual errors and numerous extremely unlikely accounts of events that supposedly occurred.

You can get your copy by following this link to have a say about the book what I have to say it changes the way I think about education equal success.

In this book Robert Kiyosaki is explained what the rich teach ( Rich Dad) and What the Poor teach (Poor Day) I completely agree with him the rich are richer become the know-how to make money and make money work for them, on the other hand, the poor are poor because they have been taught to be good employee by going to school.

Let look at the difference between the two parents that Robert Kiyosaki is talking about:

  • Poor Dad: ( This is what the poor people teach)

Most of the time when you are talking about being successful in life, people always say that you will need to go to school get your degree and get a great grade and you will get a job that pays well.

This is what school teach you how to be an employee and depend on the paycheck to paycheck. You can be smart at school but you can not handle the real battle of life.

Robert Kiyosaki said his poor day was very educated but he was struggling financially because he did not have the financial education and how to make money that what the education system does not teach and he always pushes him to go to school and do well.

  • Rich Dad: ( This what the rich people teach)

To be successful does not mean you need to go to school and have a great grade. I fully agree with Robert Kiyosaki because I studied hard to complete my degree yet it was very hard to find a job and what makes me survive after school is personal skill that I learn from Youtube Tutorial and it is true when people say “ Your Degree can bring you money but your skills can bring you a fortune”

Robert Kiyosaki said his Rich Dad did not have a degree but he was a very successful people he knew and he was not struggling about money because he knew how to make money and how to invest in the business that will bring him money. He also hires people who have the degree to work for him.

Rich Dad did not rely on the school system he knew the basic of financial education which how to start a business, invest and how to grow the money.

Education is important but is not always the answer to be successful. Robert Kiyosaki calls the education system as a scam and I will explain more about that in the Rich Dad Poor Dad a Scam Section stay turned to find more.

Can Rich Dad Poor Dad Make you Rich?

All depending on how you are going to use the concept of the book. It does not teach how to start your own business or invest in the Real Estate, the book just compare how two parents were teaching him about life.

When the book was criticized this is what Robert Kiyosaki responded “the material is meant to be a motivational tool to get readers thinking about money rather than a guide to wealth, that rich dad was a fictional character, and that the books are supposed to be interesting rather than involve a lot of technical material”

However, the book can put you in the right perspective on how you think about things around you and what you have learned at school. I am Industrial Engineering it thinks I wasted my time going to school when I read this book but I am not discouraging anyone all depend on what you are looking for.

Well, We are all not going to be an entrepreneur some point, we still need Doctor, Engineer and Accountant but that does not exclude to start your side hustle. Since reading this book I wanted to know how to build my business and I found a training platform that helps me build to a stream of income online.

If you are very interested to start your entrepreneur journey I will recommend checking My Top Recommendation to learn how to build your online business and have financial freedom but I have to tell you, this, not overnight success you will need to put some hard in it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Complaint

Complaints are part of our life and business life no matter how good you try they will always be negative feedback. There are quite several people who are complaining about the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book, they said the book is misleading and it does not base on the fact.

Like I said before, it is not everyone who is going to be an entrepreneur if you want to be a Doctor, Engineer or teacher you will need to go to school but if you are looking for financial education and how to make money you will need to read books or hire a coach.

Therefore, to understand the book it also depends on what you are looking for in life this might changes the ways you are thinking.

But it does not necessary means it will change other people, It helps me to build my mindset most of the time I tell people to start the online training on how to build a stream of income with Wealthy Affiliate some can do it some do not and I understand that the interest is not the same.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad a Scam?

The Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book published in 1997 that talks about financial the book have a lot of value and it is not a scam if you look all the concert that this in the book you will have a great mindset.

The real scam that you will need to know is the Education System, Get Job and Working Hard please do not kill me I will explain it below:

  • Education System Scam

I have said before and I will say it again most of the time, if you ask about how to be successful they will tell you to be very educated and you will find a great job that pays you well.

But, the education system only teaches how to be well-trained and smart employee dos not teach the Financial Education and how to make money. Again I agree with Robert Kiyosaki calling the Education System a Scam it promises you many things but when you step in the world after your education is battle.

I after complete my degree in Industrial Engineering I end up being an Uber Eat Delivery I was scam by the Education System until I found a platform that teaches how to make money on the internet by following the step by step training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, you can try the free training to see how you can start your own business online.

  • Get Job Scam

Getting a job at first it is very exciting, you will have some money come in and be independent but do not have financial freedom. Guess who is getting richer and have financial freedom your boss. Most of the time people do not even enjoy what they are doing they are forced to work because they need to get paid and pay their bills.

That what the education is teaching even if you work hard and get an increase you will have to pay more in tax, getting a job is also a scam because of the tax rate favour the entrepreneurs and paying it is taking a lot from your pocket.

  • Work Hard Scam

You always hear this word that you will need to work hard to get what you need, this can be probably true, you can work hard to finishing your degree or work hard overtime to get extra income if you need something you need to work hard this another scam.

Instead of working hard you will need to work smart. Rich people work smart and make money working from them.

People who work hard most of them, they do not enjoy it they are forced to do it because of the unforeseen of life.

I used to be an Uber Eat Delivery I used to work from 8 Am to 10 Pm just to make extra cash and I did not enjoy doing it and I hate my life, I was working hard to pay my bills, Guess who was benefiting of my hard work? The landlord who works smarts my making his money work for him.

Now I am working smart and I enjoy every moment of it. I am working at the comfort of my home and living the laptop lifestyle all thanks to the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book that change my mindset and the training that Wealthy Affiliate Teaches on how to become an online Entrepreneur and build a stream of income with the internet.

My Conclusion about Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book to read that talk about Financial Education and become an entrepreneur it will help you to change your mindset and give you another aspect of the education system.

Robert Kiyosaki called the education system has the biggest scam which I do agree with him. You can grab your this book by following this link

Most people think going to school you will be successful and have the financial freedom that is the biggest lie, the school only concentrate on having a good grade and look for employment it does not talk about innovation.

If you look around the world most people who are the top did not have a high education, Oprah, Steve Harvey including Robert Kiyosaki they just identify the gift boom they are living the life to the fullest while you are struggling with your degree.

I am Industrial Engineering after school I struggled a lot to get a job and end up doing UberEat to survive the Education System scam me. Even if you get the job you will be living paycheck to paycheck that is what the school education manufacture.

Therefore, I follow all the advice I could find in the book how to build passive income and I took advantage of it, since the book does not show you how to invest or build your stream of income I researched for platform that can teach me how to be entrepreneur and I find Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to build my business with the Internet Marketing and I never look back on Education System scam.

What are your Feedback About My Rich Dad Poor Dad Review and your Experience

I always what to hear from you guys. Have you read the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book? What did you learn in the book? Do you agree with me? Please share your thought here and if you like what you read here please click the share bottom to share it with your friend and family.

Franck Chanda

I am Franck Chanda I have been to waste until I found a way to make money with the internet. By the way, I am an Industrial Engineer. We all get excited when we graduate and we are hoping to get that dream job I have been applying for that dream job all I get is cricket. I end up doing Uber Eats Delivery because bills need to be paid and I am living in a foreign country where I have no family I do not have to bother you will a lot of details. In 2018 I found a program that teaches me how to build an online business with the internet but it was not an overnight success. I had a lot of WHY on my plate and I needed to find an action plan on HOW to achieve the WHY. I work hard my life have changed from waste to the better. I am working from home without a damn boss. School won't make you rich but your skills will. Take time to invest in yourself and learn new skills. Robert Kiyosaki said: "School teach people to be a better employee" Your job will never make you rich your working to make someone else rich. Therefore, if you want to change your life and you hate your job check out the same training I went through on my website it is free to drive test it.

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