SendEarnings Review – Is an Extra Income Scam?

Welcome to my SendEarnings Review. The internet makes everything easy. A quick research on how to earn extra income online you will get a batch of suggestions on that keyword but most of them are a scam.

SendEarnings ReviewThe best way to find a legit opportunity is to read reviews there many people like me who review online opportunities and tell you if it worth your time or it is a waste of your time.

The fact that you are searching for SendEarnings Review means that you are looking for information to find out if this opportunity is going to work you or it is a waste of time.

Therefore, you have everything you need to know here, you can stop your research now because at the end of this Review you will know everything including the SendEarnings complaints.

But you need to pay close attention to get the best of this SendEarnings Review.

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What is SendEarnings?

SendEarnings is an online earning opportunity that rewards people who are interested in earning extra income by participating in the various opportunity that the website offers.

 This includes referring friends and family to their website, taking surveys, playing games, completing some tasks online and more.

The website was found in 2005 by a company called CotterWeb Enterprises Inc this company operates other online earnings opportunities in different countries like Inboxdollars from the USA, Inboxpounds from the UK and DailyRewards from Canada.

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How to sign up with SendEarnings?

You can sign up with SendEarning by fill up your detail to all they need is your name, surname and you will also need to have a valid email address.

Once you have filled up everything you will receive an email to activate your account and you will be rewarded with $5 just by activating your account and another $1 for complete the demographic question which is:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Employment details 
  • Household responsibility

How does SendEarnings Works?

SendEarnings is in a partnership with the market research companies and advertisers, each survey you complete and offer you take SendEarnings will get paid and share a portion of their earnings with you.

Below it is 8 opportunities to earn cash with SendEarnings:

Take Surveys

You will earn between $0.5 to $3 for each survey you complete and each survey has it is own time duration you will need to expect to complete a survey that takes between 10 to 30 minutes.

Complete offer

Offer is another way to earn cash with SendEarning but you will need to be away that some offer you will need to provide your credit card details.

For example, if you find an interesting program or service that has a free trial you can signup for a 14 or 30 days free trial and you will be rewarded for signup. 

However, if you do not cancel your subscription your account will be changed. So you will need to be away from that if you decide to try any offers that require your credit card

Take Tasks

You can complete some tasks in SendEarnings Dashboard this will not be profitable on the start because you can online earn between $0.5 to $1.25 for 30 minutes task. 

Once you become consistent you can get tasks that pay more sometimes it will take you 2 hours to complete a $10 task.

Play Game

There are many games that you can play online from casino-style to Bejeweled and more.

But you won’t earn any money by playing games but you can get a cashback for every game your purchase here.

Read Emails

Paid Email is another method of earning cash but you will need to be an active member and you will receive 2 to 3 emails a day to read, once you open it and click on the link provided in the email you will earn $0.02

Watching Videos

You can easily earn $0.1 for 30 seconds video you watch and you can sort of your video to whatever your interest. But to reach a dollar you will need to watch a hell of video a day, in my opinion, this can not take you anyway

Search Engine

Choosing SendEarnings Search Engine for your research instead of Google, Bing and Yahoo you will earn a penny for each research do.

I know it is not much but how much did you earn by researching SendEarnings Review right now using other Seach Engine? Zero cents So, you might need to try them.

Referral Program

If you are an affiliate marketer you will enjoy the benefit of referring people to SendEarning website and earn 10% of your referral earning.

This can help you to generate more income however, you will need to know a lot of people who want to earn a penny on the internet.

However, if you are looking for big opportunity to make real money on the internet at the comfort of your home, you can use the same strategy and become an Amazon Affiliate, eBay Affiliate or Clickbank Affiliate and refer people to buy their products and they will pay you a good commission.

If you do not have any clue how this is work you can check My Work At Home Jobs to see how you can leverage your referral and build passive income with it.

This is a great business to start due to geographical independence you can refer anyone worldwide you just need a laptop and WiFi.

You do even have to know the person it works pretty well and many people are building 6 figure dollars business from home with this business model.

Can Send Earnings Make you Rich?

SendEarnings and other online paid surveys are the quickest way to make cash online but you can not rely on it to make a living.

The earnings are not constant and it will take a very long time to reach even $20 per month

Do not quick your job for this opportunity it will not make you rich plus to find an eligible survey that meets your demographic it will be a hustle, referrals can help you to earn great money.

However you will need to know a batch of people and they must be active members for you to get your commission.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to leverage your referral and make it profitable you can start your training with Wealthy Affiliate this can be a breakthrough to a financial solution.

To show that Wealthy Affiliate training and strategy work you would not be read this Send Earning Review so it works for me and it will work for you too.

SendEarnings Complaints

Complaints go along with any business if you google “Apple complaint” for sure you will find some dirt of the company. But that does not mean Apple is a bad company.

In short, I could not end this Send Earning Review without showing their dirty side you will need to know your deal breaker

Cashout to high

Yes, you can earn cash with SendEarnings but you will need to play by the rules, you are not getting any money until you reach $30 this can take you a long time to reach this amount, likely there are websites like, Ysense.comand you can cashout as sooner you reach $5.

Long Ass Survey

I was expecting this, surveys are too long to complete and the earnings are not worth it. A part-time job or cleaning job for a local store will not pay you less than a dollar per hour.

So it betters you look for a part-time job or check My Top Recommendation for a better way of earning online.

No Qualifying for Survey

This a common sickness for every GTP site you will not qualify for every survey it will take you some time to find a survey that you qualify for all depend on with your demography.

If a market research company need feedback for 25 years old IT Technician who earns between $10000 to $20000 and you are a student you are out of the game

Is SendEarnings a Scam?

Every rewarding program that you find on the internet is probably a scam. Is it SendEarnings a scam or legitimate site?

Yes, they are a legit site they have been around since 2005 and they have paid out over $9 million to their members.

Therefore, to cash out, you will need to meet the payment threshold of $30 this might be the reason why other people are saying the SendEarnings it is a scam because it will take you a long time to reach that amount until you reach the payment threshold you will request for payment via PayPal.

However, you can try, and for the lower payment threshold and those websites are far better than SendEarning because they are almost in every country but if you do not like earning pennies you can try My Top Recommendation for better earnings.

Conclusion About SendEarnings

Almost everyone needs extra income you would not read this SendEarning Review if you did not need any extra bucks.

Yes, you will earn money not points with SendEarning but not enough to quick your job or buy a burger every day.

However, if you are like the sound of taking surveys, trying the free product and playing games online and earn some extra cash it will worth to try them but if you value your time and you are like me who always use that old expression “time is money”

I won’t advise you to waste it by complete surveys online or participating in any of the activity that pays a penny.

Therefore, I will advise you to check My Top Recommendation and if you are action takers and can build your online business and make decent money online but do not take my word of it.

Go and find out by yourself how it works and I will need to warn you this is not overnight success you will need to have a great mindset and you will also set up your goal to achieve what you want.

Your Feedback Regarding My SendEarnings Review and What is Your Experience

I always try to collect your feedback tell me if you have any experience will GPT site and what is your experience?

Do you agree with this review? Is it SendEarning worth it or a waste of time? Please leave your comment it will help someone to make the right decision

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