Super Affiliate System: Is John Crestani A Scam?

Super Affiliate System Review – Is John Crestani A Scam? 

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. But affiliate marketing has always been a topic of hot debate among digital entrepreneurs and bloggers.

The reason is frequent scams happening, and the saturation of fake gurus in the online market. 

If you plan to enrol in Super Affiliate System Pro, stop for a while and read my in-depth  Super Affiliate System Review. Because there is something fishy going on with Super Affiliate System.

In this Complete Super Affiliate System  I will cover: 

  • What is Super Affiliate System?
  • Who is John Crestani?
  • How to make money with super Affiliate System?
  • Is super Affiliate system legit?
  • Alternatives to Super Affiliate System

So without further ado, let’s get started.

  • EASY


Super Affiliate System is the affiliate course by John Crestani that teach more about how to duplicate his system and make money online.

If you sign up for this training you are more likely to jump into the MMO niche and promote the SAS training and make commissions.

If you are more interested in other niches like fitness, dog food, music and others you will be better out with Super Affiliate System they do not teach how to find a profitable Niche. Wealthy Affiliate can be the best training for you they cover how to find your niche and to generate organic training and how t build a niche website.

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What is Super Affiliate System? 

Super Affiliate System SAS is a training course that teaches people how to earn money online via affiliate marketing.

John Crestani created this course in 2015. By enrolling in this training course, you will get access to 42 informational videos and thirty 34 SHOW ME HOW videos.

Super Affiliate System

You will get step-by-step education on creating presell pages and composing ads on social media pages to scale up your business.

You will also master the art of copywriting and data analysis. 

Super Affiliate system focuses on getting traffic through paid advertisement at the cost of 5 dollars per day.

It is a pay per click system that means when someone clicks on the ad, you are going to pay to the platform you used to display the ad, even if no conversion takes place.

It may seem a small amount, but you can run short of money before the results appear. So, make sure you have some investment at the back for spending on ads. 

The good thing about Super Affiliate System is the regular updates it takes. Till now, it got four updates, and the current version is called Super Affiliate System pro. 

Who is John Crestani? 

John Crestani is a 33-year-old entrepreneur who lives in California, USA. As per his LinkedIn, he is a growth hacker that helps companies reach people and promote products using his affiliate business model.  

John Crestani: Founder of Super Affiliate System

He started from scratch. He dropped out of college when he started earning money by promoting medical test subjects for various pharmaceutical companies. 

After that, he got his hands on Timothy Ferris’ book “the four-hour workweek.”

After getting inspiration from this book, he started selling different products on eBay but was banned by PayPal because the products he was selling were illegal in the US. 

Eventually, he enrolled in school and started working with a marketing firm in Los Angeles.

He learned all related to paid advertisements and affiliate marketing. Soon he left the firm and started his own affiliate marketing business. As per insider growth, his net worth is 7.5 million-plus dollars. 

He sells multiple courses, including Super Affiliate System, Internet Jetset and Xtreme case study archive. 

How to make money with Super Affiliate System? 

There is no success guarantee with any training course until you implement all that it teaches you. As Super Affiliate System is concerned, a huge part of it is dedicated to promoting the course itself with paid traffic.

As an Affiliate with this training course, each sale you generate will earn a commission. Many of the success stories of his students also prove that his students mainly earn money by promoting Super Affiliate System. 

If you buy this course you are all set to promote John Crestani training course and make money. In short, you are entering the MMO niche.

Therefore, If you are more interested in different niches like fitness, dog food, music and other this training does not focus on finding the best and profitable niche.

Wealthy Affiliate can be the best platform to learn Affiliate Marketing and the focus on finding a Niche and how to generate organic traffic and build a profitable business with Affiliate Marketing.

How much does Super Affiliate System cost? 

Super Affiliate System offers two methods of payment. You can pay $997 once or three times the payment of $397. 

The price is too high for anyone who is just starting. Besides, you also need a considerable investment for paid ads. Many other training courses are budget-friendly and provide a lot of value for free.

You can check My Top Recommendation platform and start your free training and if you like the training and the tools it offers.

You can upgrade for premium training that cost only $49.00 per month including 10 free websites, keyword research tool, webinar and web hosting.

Is Super Affiliate System legit? 

Neither the program is entirely legit nor a mere scam. I have a couple of reasons to justify the statement. But one thing is clear. I won’t recommend you to join this training course. 

John Crestaini is involved in a lot of shady things: first banned from college and then PayPal. He is also found exaggerating facts multiple times.

All of these facts made me hesitant to recommend his course to you. Jump on the upcoming section to find the best alternative to Super Affiliate System. 

John Crestani may be an expert affiliate marketer but not an honest guru……

I won’t debate over his expertise in affiliate marketing.  But let me be brutally honest, I didn’t find him an ethical, honest guru. Here are several reasons: 

  • Overpromising

John Crestani is habitual of overpromising. Let me give you a proof. He makes bold claims that by working only four hours a week, you can do affiliate marketing.

Are you kidding with us, man? 

John crestani seems overpromising


Affiliate marketing is not that easy. It takes a lot of your time and energy to see your business in the position you want. 

  • His weird promo webinar

If you have ever stumbled upon any of John’s youtube videos, you must have heard about his promo webinar. I found his behaviour very annoying in his webinar.

I would suggest you must attend his webinar if you still plan to enrol in the Super Affiliate System. 

After registering for the webinar, you will receive an invitation link in your email that will lead you to his weird webinar.

First of all, he will give an entry on an aeroplane. The next weirdest thing he will do is welcome his students by sitting next to the table full of cash.

What’s the purpose of doing such a ridiculous thing? I find it extremely annoying. 

Next, he will say that you can earn  $1000 per day within 30 days by joining his course. As I said earlier, affiliate marketing needs time to build your online foundation.

It’s not a quick rich overnight scheme. 

  • Overselling

John Crestani uses pressure tactics to oversell his course. On the sales page of the Super Affiliate System, John says that the price of a course is about $5000.

But you can get your hands on this course for $997 only. 

Super Affiliate System sale page


But tell me, who will buy this course for $5000? No one. Right. I think John knows this fact. That’s why he not even once tried to sell this course for $5000.

  • Banned from Paypal and expelled from college

He also got banned from PayPal when selling illegal things in the USA. Another Red flag! It prevents me from trusting him. 

Super Affiliate System Pros and Cons


  • Regular updates and lifetime access

John Crestani himself updates the course content, which is a plus point because SEO strategies are constantly evolving. One can also get these updates for free as it offers lifetime access to the course. 

  • Buy one get one free

One of the attention-grabbing things John Crestani offers is a buy one get one free subscription. If you buy a Super Affiliate System, you will receive two logins. You can share it with your friend or family and share the cost. 

  • Multiple languages 

I must say, I didn’t find many affiliate training courses offering content in multiple languages. It leaves people with only a few choices. But the Super Affiliate System did the job quite well. It works well for non-English speakers.


  • Unclear refund policy

Super Affiliate system has an unclear refund policy. On the sales page of the Super Affiliate system, it says you can get a refund within 30 days. 

Refund policy of Super Affiliate System


While on the billing information page, it says the refund can be done within 60 days.

Super Affiliate System


A well-reputed program doesn’t make these kinds of blunders. Right? Check My Top Recommendation that offers straightforward information and more value. 

  • Shady nature of John Crestani

Till now, we know that John is not your ideal teacher that can be trusted with blind eyes. It makes the whole training program questionable. 

  • He doesn’t share any big secrets. 

I don’t want to say, but the price of the course doesn’t justify the value one can get in the course. You can easily youtube stuff that he is teaching you in the course. 

Of course, the videos are organized in the form of modules that make them easy to watch. But what’s the point of spending $997 when you can get it all for free by just giving some time. 

Alternative to Super Affiliate System

Wealthy Affiliate is a trustworthy platform that is suitable for beginners to learn affiliate marketing. 

With wealthy affiliates, you can learn SEO and how to get free traffic. It offers keyword analysis tools and website hosting domains for free without any cost.

It has an active community that is always there to support and respond to the queries of people.

Impressed right? 

You can join the freemium membership without any cost for as long as you want. I would recommend you to check it out and compare it to Super Affiliate System. After all, it would cost you no money.

The other Alternative to SAS is If you want to earn money but are not interested in affiliate marketing, you can consider forex trading. 

Forex trading is the process of buying one currency while selling another. You can read more about it here. Forex signals is the best program to learn how to do forex trading.

You can get your education through well-experienced mentors. It also offers access to powerful tools, daily live streaming and trading rooms. 

Super Affiliate System Review – Final thoughts

I reviewed the Super Affiliate system and presented all the facts honestly. The course content of SAS is quite good, but you can youtube it for free by putting in some effort.

Besides, there are many facts that, if taken into consideration, make the whole training program questionable. The shady nature of John Crestani, the unclear refund policy doesn’t allow me to label it as a good course.

I would recommend you to try Wealthy Affiliate before signing up with any other Affiliate Marketing training program. it is free to drive test the program and it does not need any credit card.

Your Super Affiliate System Review and your Experience

Are you a student of SAS or you have been in the past? Please consider leaving your review whether good or bad it does not matter so long as long as it is useful to my read

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