TISSA Review – Scam or Legit?

Hey, home money maker and welcome to the ultimate Tissa Review.

Today you are going to learn everything about Tissa.co.za and how people are making money by signing up with the company.

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They are many questions on the internet people are wondering if Tissa is a scam or legit opportunity to make money from home.

I have signed up with the company and test their system so I can give an honest review to the reader.

Check out the email below to confirm that I signed up with Tissa and checked their systems.

Welcome To Tissa Email

I spend almost 24 hours reviewing all the training materials and the opportunity so you do not have to if you want to know:

  • What is Tissa?
  • How to make money with their system
  • Who needs to sign up with Tissa and who should not.
  • Is Tissa a scam?
  • What people are complaining about Tissa?

Therefore, if you want to know everything about the company and how their operate you have come to the right place.

Let dive in right now.

Before I start going deep in this Tissa Review I have to be clear here NO ONE PAY ME to write this review.

My job is to review those companies that claim to provide an opportunity to make an extra income.

I recently review Longrich and it almost put me in trouble with other members for stating out the fact.

I just think is fair to explain to people what the are getting into before they spend their hard money. 

Table of Contents

What is Tissa?

TISSA stand for The Income Solution South Africa. It is a company that claims to offer an income opportunity to people who need to make an extra income from home.

Tissa claims that their system DataHub Copy and Paste, My @Home Career and Survey365 is the best-proven system in South Africa although is available also to  Namibians. 

Tissa was found in 2004 and It is registered with the CIPC and their Company Registration Number: 2014/079529/23.

Tissa Company Registration Details
Registered in CIPC Database

This shows that the company is not a scam and I will explain why late in this review.

  • Name of the Company: The income Solution South Africa (TISSA)
  • Website: http://www.tissa.co.za
  • Established: Since 2004

How To Sign Up with Tissa?

To Sign Up with Tissa you have to choose one of the 3 packages that the company offer below

  • DATAHUB COPY & PASTE system: R440.00
  • My @Home Career / My Income Generator: R480.00
  • Survey365: R280 Once Off and R55pm per month.

You can also be a VIP Member and get access to all the package for 79 per month.

But you need to pay first for the DATAHUB Package of R440 once-off.

To receive your package in less than 24 hours you will need to include this code: D83543 on your Tissa order form has it shows in this screenshot below.

I have highlighted in yellow you can write it with a black pen. 

Tissa Order Form
    Tissa Order Form

How Tissa Works?

When you become a Member of Tissa you will receive training and material depending on the package you choose that will enable you to complete small tasks for companies and get pay for your time.

There are many companies out there that need help with small tasks that only human can perform it called HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks). 

We know that computer and robot can do almost everything by some task is almost impossible for a robot to do it and companies need a human to complete those tasks accurately

Companies need help with:

  • Transcribing/Typing a video or audio
  • Writing movie reviews
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Much more

There are jobs for everyone and companies need people to complete those tasks.

When you are a member of Tissa you will have access to those companies 24/7 and Material to complete those companies tasks anytime.

Therefore, Tissa charges a once-off fee to supply it is members with tools and materials for you to complete those tasks online.

Tissa needs to maintain its system, pay for their domain and also pay employees for the support that they offer to the members.

Is TISSA Worth It?

So far you have read what you need to expect when you sign up with Tissa in this Tissa Review and why they are charging a once-off fee to have access to their systems. 

Therefore, if you are still asking yourself is Tissa worth it or not.

My answer to you is if you have a good-paying job that needs your all damn time and you do not have enough time to make extra income then Tissa is not worth it because those tasks need time to be completed.

However, if you need an extra income at the comfort your home that will boost your primary income (salary) than Tissa is worth to try it and it is a once-off fee to pay upfront and there is no hidden cost.

How Much Can I Earn With Tissa System?

Yeah! I understand this question it always pops up on the internet, people are more concern about the money rather the works. 

I can not tell you how much you can earn with Tissa System and the company you are working with.

All depend on the amount of time you invest in completing those task and how fast you learn.

Making R300 per day can be a Bold Claim but you will need to expect to earn between R3000 to R5000 within 2 months or more.

All depend on the time you invest in completing those tasks and how you answer some questions.

Some companies have to see how you perform with your task before they send you high paying tasks. 

Like when you complete surveys you will need to be very consistent and accurate in your answer do not rush it.

You need to be very honest in your answer and you will get paid for your time.

Rushing complete the question just to get paid you will lose your credibility and you won’t receive high paying surveys.

What do I like About Tissa?

The Tissa system is straight forward even a complete beginner can follow and understand what the company need.

I also like you can sign up with multi-company at once and complete some tasks like answering surveys, watching a short video and get paid for it.

What I Do Not Like About Tissa?

I do not like how Tissa is promoting their system it sounds like a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

There is no such thing like an overnight success you will need to work for the money.

Therefore, if you are looking for quick bucks with little to no work then none of the Tisssa systems is for you. 

However, if you can follow instruction and work consistently on the task then write this code D83543 on your Tissa order form whenever you want to sign up. 

This code will help you whenever you have an issue with your package or your payment we will contact Tissa on your behave so they can solve your issue. 

Is Tissa A Scam?

Tissa is a real company that is registered with the CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission).

The company has been in the business over a decade and scam company can not last long.

Therefore, if you can not follow the instruction and work toward the money you need do not join Tissa otherwise you will call is a scam.

This opportunity is for real people who want to make extra income from home with a computer or phone by following companies instruction and help them with small tasks.

Tissa Complaint

As much as we would want Tissa to be perfect, sadly no such thing exists. There is no such thing as a perfect company even Uber, iPhone and Samsung receive complaints.

So read the complaints as laid out in this next section and determine for yourself whether they are deal-breakers or not.


I have seen many Tissa complaint and we have decided to sign up with the company to find out what people are complaining about Tissa.

It comes to our understanding that people are expecting to earn a lot of money without doing the work. 

We tried the DataHud Copy and Paste, My @Home Career and Survey365. We can confirm that you can make money from home with those systems.

You will need to follow those step by step instruction that you receive in your package but do not expect to make R300 per day as a beginner.

After trying the system we have concluded that Tissa is not a scam is a legit company that offers real income opportunity to all South African and Namibian.

To receive your package faster and start working you will need to put this D83543 on your order form as explained earlier. 

You will receive your package in less than 24 hours and we will always track this code to help you whenever you have an issue with Tissa so your request can be solved in no time.

Your feedback and your experience with Tissa

Thank you for reading this Ultimate Tissa Review I hope you enjoyed it and it answered your question

Therefore, if you have experience with the Tissa System and if you are making money with Tissa please share your experience bad or good it does not matter as long as it helps people to make an informed decision.

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  • Support
  • Earnings


  • Promoting overnight success

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