Young Living Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Young Living Review. If you are like me who does not believe in living paycheck to paycheck and you are looking for a way to start your home business and build a stream of income whatever the case that makes you stop here you have come to the right place.

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First thing first I am not a Young Living Distributor and I am not going to sell you anything.

This Young Living Review is based on my research my job is to review the so-called business opportunity and show you if they will work for you or not and if you are wondering if Young Living is Scam or not I will answer that too in this review.

But I am not here to influence your decision and I am here to give you the information that will help you to make the right decision.

However, if you are researching to find out if Young Living is worth your time and money to invest in it?

I am going to cover those questions and including your complaints that might be your deal-breaker to find out you will need to read this Review until the end.

What Is Young Living?

Young Living is a Wellness and Health Company that sell Essential Oils through it is an independent distributor since its foundation in 1993.

Young Living is also a Multi-Level Marketing that makes more than 2 billion in sale revenue every year by selling Essential Oils. If this appeal to you and you want to be part of that share you will need to read this review until the end.

By the way, young Living was found by D. Gabi Young who builds this business to a lot of ups and downs, we will talk more in detail about that but the company has more than 4 million distributors around the world this will tell you the company is legit but more about that later.

Who Is D Gabi Young?

D Gary Young

D. Gary Young grew up in Idaho and he is a lifelong student who understands and appreciates the importance of education and continual learning.

This is completely evident in Young’s credentials and experience.

1982–1988: In Mexico, Gary Young studied biochemistry, hematology, anatomy, and chemistry, among other subjects under the guidance of four medical doctors.

1985: He received his master’s degree in nutrition. Young then went on to earn his doctorate in Naturopathy from Bernadean University.

1990-1994: In France, Young studied the process of distilling essential oils.

2000: Young traveled to China to study the Ningxia Wolfberry and its health benefits

D. Gary Young passion to start Essential Oils business came when he had an accident at the age of 24 he was paralyzed confined to a wheelchair. Depression set in and deepened until he decided it was time to make a change, he wanted a better life than the one he was living.

Three years after his accident, he began to regain feeling in his toes and legs. Gary Young then began using essential oils to relieve his pain and eventually he regained complete feeling and mobility.

Thirteen years later, he ran a half-marathon. And Gary Young decided to share his experience of the healing properties of essential oils with the world. You can read the full story about D Gary Young Here

How to become a Young Living Distributor.

Many people are asking for this question I hope I will answer this question once and for all. To become a member you will need to buy a basis Starter Kit for $45.00.

But you can also decide to join the Premier Membership which is between $150 and $1500 most of the distributor will advise you to go for Premier Membership

You will earn income with Young Living in 8 different ways:

  • Retail Customer Earnings
  • Starter Kit Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Rising Star Bonus Pool
  • Unilevel Commission
  • Generation Commission
  • Generation Leadership Bonus
  • Diamond Leadership Bonus

This video below will explain everything you need to know including the compensation plan but you will need to come back to read this Young Living Review to make an informed decision.

How Does Young Living Works?

The video that you watch explain it all but you will have two ways to make money with Young Living.

1. Selling the product

You will be buying the stock to the wholesale and get 25 % discount basically if the product is $25 at the retail you will buy it at $18.75 you will make $6.25 benefit.

2. Recruiting new people

This is what most people are doing to make money you will need to build a team, you can recruit your father, mother, sisters, brothers and all neighbors to be part of your team and you will earn commission on their sale revenue.

Therefore, you will need to harass and convince the whole neighbors to join the business opportunity but if you think you are not good at it but you are interested in building a home business without buying the product and recruiting I will suggest checking My Best Work At Home Business.

Can Young Living Make you Rich?

The answer to this question is Yes and No. Please do not shout me I will explain why you may or may not be rich with Young Living and this is a common problem with all the MLM company I have reviewed many of them you check them out like Amway, DoTERRA and Herbalife all of them have a similarity.

To make money with Young Living you will need to sell the product or recruit people to join the company to become the distributor most of the people are focusing on recruiting than selling product.

My question is how many people can you recruit and for how long? You will need to build your team to make money and according to the Federal Trade Commission only 1% of the people who join MLM are making money and 99% do not make anything.

Therefore, I hope my answer to Yes or No is been covered 99% of people do not make money maybe you will be part of the 1% who knows? But you can start your Internet Marketing Business that does not need to invest a lot of money or recruit people. If you like the sound of that please check My Top Recommendation and find out how to quit Uber Eat Deliver and live the Laptop Lifestyle.

What Do I like About Young Living

  • The mindset of Donald Gary Young

If you read a biography about D. Gary Young you will understand that giving up is not an opinion. Gary Young was arrested and his businesses were close down but he knew what he was looking for.

Therefore, if he did not have the great mindset it will give up along the way and his company Young Living will not achieve success and they would not be achieving  2 billion in sales that company are currently making.

  • Variety of the product

Young Living has over 500 products that you can easily choose and start selling. This what makes a lot of difference with many MLM company that sale poor product and their main focus is recruiting people to join and become independent distributors.

What I Do Not About Young Living

  • Customer Support

This is a business you are running whenever you stuck or overwhelmed you will need to get help as quickly as possible. But Young Living support is almost dead you can not find support whenever you need it. You are just on your own.

  • Recruiting

If you know one Multi-level Marketing you will understand that you will need to be involving recruiting people to join the business it is called selling the dream.

Yes, you will need to recruit a lot of people to make money the right term is to build your down line. The more people you recruit the more moola you make and because of this many MLM is accused of operating as an illegal pyramid scheme.

Young Living Complaint

Whenever you want to join a business opportunity do not only focus on what you want to hear instead you will need also to pay attention to complain is part where you will need find your deal breaker.

Pyramid Scheme

Although Young Living has more than 500 products to sell but to make real money you will need to recruit people to join the opportunity this is called selling the dream.

However, you might ask why the government does not close them down since the pyramid scheme is illegal in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia for the simple reason most of the MLM company hide the pyramid shit by selling products.

The government always has an eye on this business model Herbalife was investigated and found guilty of operation as illegal Pyramid Scheme.


Young Living was found guilty by the US Justice Department. The charges are regarding the illegal trafficking of the rosewood and spikenard oil in violation of the Lacey act and they had to pay $760,000 in fined that is not all they also get warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration to warn them that their distributors are making an unreal claim on the social media and website that the Essential Oils can cure all the disease including cancer and Ebola this warning letter was sent also to their biggest competitor DoTERRA

Low Earning

Young Living is in the business of making money what about you? It is obvious you want to make money too. According to Young Living income statement 2017, only 97% of the distributors are making $500 or less per month. Only 3% of the distributor making a serious income.

But wait!!! There is always an alternative to MLM business model it called Affiliate Marketing you do not even have to buy a starter kit or any stock to sell but and your chance to succeed is hight compare to MLM Business.

But, you will need to learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing to build stream of income and Wealthy Affiliate is far the best platform to start your training and build revenue website.

Is Young Living a Scam?

Many people are very concern about the legitimacy of the company and the business opportunity. If you have read this review until now you will understand that Young Living is not a scam and they have been in the business since 1993.

However, this might not be the business opportunity for everyone and I am not fun of MLM business model and I will never recommend anyone to join an MLM company special if you are not kind of person who will need to speech out everything you find a chance. If you are shy person and you do not want to bother anyone please forget about this business model.

Therefore, if you are very interested in entrepreneurship and you are willing to put much effort there is alternative to MLM business is called internet marketing here you do not need to recruit anyone who harassing people to buy your products.

Many people have built stream of income with this business model including me. I quit Uber Eat Delivery and become an online Entrepreneur but you will need to learn the basic staff to know how to build your online foundation Wealthy Affiliate gives the best training and tools in this industry try them out they have free version better yet you will get your two websites for free.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

MLM Business Model is very tricky business and it involve to recruit many people in order to make money and this business model is not my cup of tea and you need to organize ro much party to network with your inviter and recruit them to become the member of Young Living.

If you do not want this hustle yo can signup with Fiveer and be freelancer but you will need to have some skills. You can check up with Fiveer and see what you can offer.

However, if you do not have any skill but you can read and write and you want to live laptop lifestyle you can start your Affiliate Marketing Training with Wealthy Affiliate and build a stram of income at the comfort of your home.

My Conclusion about Young Living Review

Young Living is an MLM company and their business model does not work for everyone but it is not impossible to achieve success. If you are good in presenting the business and networking you can try it out maybe it will be beneficial for you.

However, If you are a shy person and you can not network you will be part of 99% who do not make money with the MLM Business Model but you can still try it and come back here to share your experience

The alternative to MLM is called Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing this is by far the best way to make money from home, you do not need to meet anyone or recruit people all you need it is website and refer a product to people who looking for to buy that particular product once they buy it you get your commission.

If you want to know how it works you can check My Best Work at Home Jobs. You can also check out My Top Recommendation that helps me to quit UberEat and live the laptop lifestyle

Feedback about my Young Living Review and your Experience

Thank you for stopping by did you enjoy reading my review? Do you have any experience with this business model? Are you a Young Living distributor?

Please share your thought in the comment section it will help someone to make an informed decision. You can also click the share button to share it with your friend and family.

Franck Chanda

I am Franck Chanda I have been to waste until I found a way to make money with the internet. By the way, I am an Industrial Engineer. We all get excited when we graduate and we are hoping to get that dream job I have been applying for that dream job all I get is cricket. I end up doing Uber Eats Delivery because bills need to be paid and I am living in a foreign country where I have no family I do not have to bother you will a lot of details. In 2018 I found a program that teaches me how to build an online business with the internet but it was not an overnight success. I had a lot of WHY on my plate and I needed to find an action plan on HOW to achieve the WHY. I work hard my life have changed from waste to the better. I am working from home without a damn boss. School won't make you rich but your skills will. Take time to invest in yourself and learn new skills. Robert Kiyosaki said: "School teach people to be a better employee" Your job will never make you rich your working to make someone else rich. Therefore, if you want to change your life and you hate your job check out the same training I went through on my website it is free to drive test it.

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